Plume de colombe vintage handmade lace bridal dress


This ‘Plume de colombe vintage handmade lace bridal dress’ is the perfect vintage treasure to celebrate your special day. This gem was handpicked in Paris and handmade in Denmark. The satin weave gives beautiful shine to the dress, reflecting light with every move. The delicate lace details on the slightly puffed sleeves, on the neckline, along the waist, and down the hemline, give you a magical dreamy look. The skirt puffs outwards slightly to give you an elegant princess look. You can choose to wear this simple design dress frontally, or like the model in the pictures, you can wear it backwards to get plunging neckline with the open zipper. This bridal dress fits sizes 36 and 38, with a better fitted look on the larger sizes. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we handpick, this bridal dress was cleaned and steamed. Let’s celebrate love in beauty and grace…

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Satin white

Country of origin

Denmark, Paris





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