Douceur d’automne vintage suede and lammy waistcoat


This ‘Douceur d’automne vintage suede and lammy waistcoat’ is a vintage statement piece. Made from lammy and suede, this 70’s piece is soft and warm, while also in fashion. This waistcoat can be closed with two fringed suede strings to form a knot in the middle of the piece. The waistcoat has two pockets lined with lammy. The suede seam lines bring additional detail and depth to the garment. This lammy waistcoat can be worn in sizes 36, 38 and in a small 40. with a more fitted look on the larger sizes. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we handpick, this waistcoat was cleaned and steamed. Let’s fall in love…

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Out of stock

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Dark brown

Country of origin



Lammy, suede


38, small 40, 36

Wash and care