Let’s make history antique from 1930 vintage purse


‘Let’s make history antique from 1930 vintage purse ‘ is an amazing hand embroidered purse from 1930. The purse has a lovely leather base and has a colorful floral embroidered front. The purse has golden details at the top with a floral detailed print. The purse has a purse closure at the top. It is a one compartment purse with a little side pouch for keys and cards. The inside has a shiny lining. The bag is medium sized and has two little hooks at the top to attach your own chain to. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we handpick, this gem was cleaned and steamed. Let’s fall in love…

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Out of stock

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Beige, black, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, White

Country of origin



Embroidered, Leather, Wool


L: 37 cm W: 5,5 cm H: 26 cm