Glamour edge denim duster lammy style coat


Slip into the “Glamour edge denim duster lammy style coat ” for a mix of attitude and allure. This longer denim jacket rocks colorful green, red, and blue accents peeking from inside and along the sleeves. Soft faux fur trims the hems, offering a hint of luxury with every sway. Though gold zippers add a flashy detail, it’s the shiny gold buttons that seal the deal, keeping you wrapped in style. Unleash your bold spirit and turn heads in this denim delight that’s anything but ordinary. For styling it needs to fit a little oversized or normal. We would style it with jeans or a dress. It fits oversized 34, 36, 38, and regular 40. We recommend dry cleaning it only. Let’s fall in love!

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Jeans Blue

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34 (oversized), 36 (oversized), 38, 40

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