Emerald green padded enchantress boho-chic jacket


Unveil the magic of the Emerald Enchantress Boho-Chic Jacket, a masterpiece of bohemian elegance. Each sleeve blooms with exquisite details, featuring tiny mirror pieces that catch the light, alongside vibrant pink and red accents that add a splash of color to the deep green velvet. The intricate designs, lovingly stitched across the entire jacket, create a tapestry of beauty that captivates and charms. Cinch your waist with the matching green rope tie for a silhouette that’s both relaxed and refined. It is a wrap jacket, so it fits a lot of sizes. We recommend 36 or 38. You can style it with jeans or a skirt. This treasure has been hand-picked, dry-cleaned, and steamed avec amour pour vous.

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Out of stock

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38, 36, 40

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