Wanderlust Penny Lane original sheerling 1970’s vintage lammycoat


This beautiful wanderlust Penny Lane original sheerling 1970’s vintage lammycoat is just a dream with sheerling outside and suede. The inside off this lammy coat is a really soft lining with fake fur. This lammycoat is an original model from the late 1970’s (1967) with the Penny Lane model. This jacket has those embroidered lines on the sleeves and front. The quality of this coat is just amazing and it is really warm! This coat is steamed and cleaned like our other collection pieces. This coat has a great condition for the vintage years the coat had. This coat closes with some little ropers on the front side and is good in the cold winter and really warm. No vintage tracks or spots. And a mohair mongol sheep lammy on the outside so really rare! Be aware of this rare and amazing piece!

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Out of stock


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sheep leather, Faux fur, suede



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