Violet allure woolen embrace with silver accents


Wrap up in the “Violet Allure Woolen Embrace with Silver Accents” and feel the cozy magic. This sweater’s deep purple wool is super soft, making you feel snug and pampered. Tiny subtle hints of red and green are woven in, almost hidden, adding a secret splash of color. Sparkling silver threads and tiny silver diamonds catch the light, giving you a gentle glow. It’s like wearing a starry night that keeps you warm. Whether you’re at a party or just relaxing at home, this sweater adds a touch of sexy sparkle to your day. it fits a size 34, 36, 38, and 40. Due to its delicately knitted nature, we recommend to dry clean this pearl only. Let’s fall in Love!

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Dark purple

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34 (oversized), 38, 36, 40 (fitted)

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