The Wildfire love red leather vintage skirt


The Wildfire love red leather vintage skirt is a is a captivating and romantic stunner that exudes passion and allure. Made with high-quality leather, this skirt offers a luxurious and edgy texture. The vibrant red color adds a touch of intensity and romance, evoking the flames of love. With its vintage-inspired design and attention to detail, such as a fitted silhouette or pockets on the side, this skirt exudes timeless elegance and sensuality.


Be aware of the fact this leather skirt has a slight stain on the front side there for it lower priced then normal. Only exchanges can be made for this order no return of refunds.

We recommend wearing this skirt in a size 38 or small 40. Pair it with a beautiful cotton white blouse for the day and a night out top such as a corset for the night. This treasure has been hand-picked, dry-cleaned and steamed for you to rock it with passion !

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calf leather



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Leather clean only