The lovely green suede dream striped vintage lammycoat


”The lovely green suede dream striped vintage lammycoat” is really a stunner, suede green and amazing because it has suede lines, leather and lammy on the inside. This coat keeps your warm and is perfect for if you want to wear a thick jumper underneath. We love this amazing suede green beautiful green lammcoat. If your wearing a size 36, or 38, 40 this is your coat. Don’t be afraid that the coat is falling to big or either to small. Because it has beautiful lines and a good fit. This coat closes with buttons and the model is 1.78 heigh and wear’s above 36 and underneath. Let’s fall in love!

Out of stock

Out of stock

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Dark green jade

Country of origin



Lammy, suede


38, 34, 36, 40

Wash and care