The blueberry chocolate lammy bliss jacket


Introducing Ginger Aardbei’s Blueberry Bliss Jacket! This jacket is primarily blue with brown accents on the shoulders and pockets, adding a stylish contrast. It features a lower V-neckline, creating a flattering and modern silhouette. Adding a touch of luxury, the V-neck is adorned with fur for added warmth and sophistication. With its chic design and cozy details, the Blueberry Bliss Jacket is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort for any occasion. This jacket is wearable in oversized 36. It fits best on a size 38 or 40. We would  We would style this with a jean or flowy skirt. We handpicked, dry-cleaned, and steamed this beautiful item for you, let’s fall in love…

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Beige, Blue, Brown

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(36 oversized), 38, 40

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