The 1970’s lilac embroidered dreaming vintage dress


The vintage lilac embroidered dreaming vintage dress is a stunning and unique piece of clothing that shows the vintage charm of the 1970s era. Made from a light and comfortable wool fabric, the dress features delicate lilac embroidery on the neckline and a beautiful knit pattern throughout the whole dress. The dress is perfect for spring and summer, making it a beautiful choice for casual outings or special occasions. The embroidery on the neckline adds a touch of elegance and femininity, while the knit pattern gives the dress a playful and relaxed vibe. style this beautiful dress with a lovely waist belt and a suede coat. This beautiful 1970s lilac embroidered dreaming vintage dress has been steamed and dry cleaned with love for you to wear.

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Sandy beige, Purple

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38, 36

Wash and care

Cold wash, steam