Sizzle and sass with pink passion ensemble


“Sizzle and Sass with Pink Passion Ensemble” by Ginger Aardbei is a dazzling choice for any event. This ensemble features a stunning bright pink dress complemented by a matching vibrant green and pink scarf, creating a bold and chic statement. The vivid pink hue radiates confidence and charm, while the vibrant green scarf adds a touch of flair and excitement. Note that you can use this stunning scarf as a top if you wrap it around your bust. With its eye-catching design and flattering silhouette, this ensemble is perfect for making a memorable entrance. Embrace your inner diva and stand out in style with the “Sizzle and Sass with Pink Passion Ensemble” by Ginger Aardbei. It fits a size 34 and 36. We handpicked, dry cleaned, and steamed this item for you, let’s fall in love…

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Acrylic, Viscose


Green, Pink

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34, 36

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