Pastel type of love cozy Parisian cardigan


The Pastel Type of Love Cozy Parisian Cardigan is delightful combination of affectionate creamy white and pastel shades in soft purple, pink, green, and sunny yellow. This charming cardigan comes in sizes designed to fit everyone, from an oversized 36 to a roomy 42, just like a warm hug from a friend. Our lovely model, standing at 165 cm and size 36, is your perfect style companion. It’s as easy to care for as your dearest memories, thanks to its dry-cleaned care. Picture yourself wrapped in its loving embrace, taking a leisurely stroll along the sunlit Champs-Élysées. This cardigan is more than just clothing; it’s a piece of Parisian romance that weaves enchanting stories into your everyday life, making your moments unforgettable. Pair your beautiful cardigan with a nice pair of blue jeans, a skirt, or some leather pants and you are ready to conquer the streets.

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Out of stock

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Creamy, pastel multi

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(36 oversized), 38 (oversized), 42, 40

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