Midnight majesty blouse with golden accents


Get ready to shine in the “Midnight Majesty Blouse with Golden Accents.” This beautiful blue blouse looks like the night sky and feels just as special. It’s got four pockets with shiny gold buttons that stand out. The waist pulls in to show off your shape, making you look great. It’s perfect for wearing anywhere, whether you’re working or hanging out with friends. This blouse is all about looking good and feeling even better. It’s perfect to style with pants or skirts. It fits a size 36, 38, and small thanks to the adjustable waistline. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we have handpicked, this blouse was dry-cleaned and steamed by the Ginger Aardbei team. Let’s fall in love…

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(36 oversized), 38, 42, 40

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