Menthe et printemps dans Paris vintage hand-knitted vintage knit


The ‘Menthe et Printemps dans Paris vintage hand-knitted vintage knit’ has such a soft feel, this knit was made out of a mohair and wool blend. This knit was entirly hand-knitted, we have handpicked it in Paris with love. This minty gem can be paired to a mom jeans, add up some nice ankle boots and there you have your ultimate spring Parisian look. Wear this knit in sizes 36 and 38. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we have handpicked, this knit was dry-cleaned and steamed by the Ginger Aardbei team. Let’s fall in love…

Out of stock

Out of stock

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mint green

Country of origin



Mohair, Wool


38, 36

Wash and care