Mémoire d’un autre temps vintage cream dress


This ‘Mémoire d’un autre temps vintage cream white dress ‘ is an ideal dress to bring out with the arrival of sun. The simplicity of design and soft drape makes this dress ideal for any social occasion. The color is perfect for some soft spring sun. The fabric’s stretchability and zipper allow anyone to easily slip into the dress. The plissé details of the skirt bring some structure to the soft drape to this piece. You can choose to wear it with a bow tied in the front or in the back, or simply with the ribbons flowing by your side. This dress fits sizes 34 to 38, with a more oversized look on the smaller sizes and a tighter, fitted look on the larger sizes. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we handpick, this dress was cleaned and steamed. This spring, we’re falling in love…

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Out of stock

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Yellow cream

Country of origin



elastane, Polyester


small 38, 34, 36

Wash and care