Les beaux rêves dorés hand-knitted vintage cardigan


This ‘Les beaux rêves dorés hand-knitted vintage cardigan’ is a beautiful hand-knitted vintage cardigan. This cardigan has different shades of pink and blue, it also had some glittery details as well as real pearl details. This statement beautiful vintage cardigan is buttoned-down and it has the loveliest pastel glittery front details. Wear this cardigan on top of a pink pastel skirt just like the model or wear it on some jeans. This cardigan can be worn in sizes 36 and 38. Just like each and every vintage treasure of ours, this cardigan was dry-cleaned and steamed.

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Additional information


Pink, soft blue, soft pink

Country of origin



Mohair, Wool


38, 36

Wash and care

wool wash, Dryclean, Handwash