La Rosée d’un Matin d’Été Baby Pink Vintage Slip Dress


This ‘La Rosée d’un Matin d’Été Baby Pink Vintage Slip Dress’ is the perfect dainty dress to have in your wardrobe. Whether it be used as a nightgown, or a summer dress, the lace details and V-neck really give you a chic yet sexy French femme fatale. The soft hand and drape really allow the dress to fall delicately on your body. The baby pink really gives additional softness to the garment. This dress can be worn in sizes 34 and 36, with a tighter fit on bigger sizes. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we handpick, this slip dress was cleaned and steamed. Let’s live our dream, let’s fall in love…


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Out of stock

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baby pink

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34, 36



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