La Dolce Vita for fall vintage Italian blazer


La Dolce Vita vintage Italian blazer tells the story of the Italian power women. Want to roam the streets like Monica Bellucci, walk with elegance, and inspire confidence in others – La Dolce Vita blazer has just this energy. The warm colors would go perfectly with your fall and winter wardrobe, making it a statement piece in every outfit. The pied de pool pattern is a timeless piece that elevates any styling and screams chic more than any other item. The material will definitely keep you warm in the upcoming warmer days and can be paired with a coat on top. The sizing fits both 34/38 and small 38, giving the freedom to wear it with stylish blouses, beautiful pants, and feminine skirts. We have dry-cleaned and steamed this Italian treasure awaiting its debut on the catwalk of your daily routine.

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Dark red, Deep green, Brown

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small 38, 34, 36

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