The French dream original 1970’s vintage penny lane coat


This ‘The ultimate Parisian dream vintage penny lane coat’ is the most beautiful rare penny lane coat. Be aware of the fact these Penny Lane coats are rare and hard to find in such beautiful and perfect condition. This vintage gem is fully lined with penny lane lammcoat, this coat has two pockets in the front and closes with hooks. We are truly in love with this perfect diet dark blue almost black penny lane coat. This is a true eye-catcher. This amazing coat is coming from New York. Wear this vintage Penny lane lammy in size 34, 36 or 38. Just like our other vintage treasures, this coat is steamed and cleaned especially for you. This is the most beautiful Penny Lane we ever found in our treasure hunting time.Are you ready to fall in love, because we are.

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black, White

Country of origin



Lammy, suede


38, 34, 36

Wash and care