Burgundy autumn soft leather vintage dress jacket


The Burgundy autumn soft leather vintage dress jacket is a love letter to elegance. This captivating garment is designed to wrap you in timeless romance, available in a size that flatters those who wear size 36/38, or for people in size 34 it will have an oversized fit. This beautiful jacket is a labor of love created from the finest leather, straight from the heart of Paris. This burgundy treasure is tenderly dry-cleaned, ensuring it carries the whispered secrets of affection and care. The jacket offers both utility and charm with its front pockets and a zipper that goes full length, all the while promising to keep you warm and cozy in the autumn days. For a rendezvous with elegance, pair the Burgundy dress with a pure white blouse, high-waisted jeans, and the softest pair of ankle boots. This enchanting piece will guide you through your days inspired by the most passionate corners of Paris.

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Burgundy red

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34 (oversized), 36

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