100% Italian silk rosa delicate vintage blouse


This ‘100% Italian silk rosa delicate vintage blouse’ is the ultimate timeless, all-time silk vintage blouse. This vintage treasure was made in Italy and it was made out of 100% silk. This blouse has this soft pink romantic color, it also has some satin finish detail, long sleeves, a nice collar and it is buttoned-down. Wear this blouse in sizes 36 and 38. Style it in a wrapped way for extra detail on your look or wear it loose. This silk blouse is the perfect classic gem to own, it is beautifully flowy and it will sublime all of our outfits. Just like the rest of our vintage treasures we have handpicked, this blouse was dry-cleaned and steamed by the Ginger Aardbei team. Let’s fall in love…

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soft pink

Country of origin



100% silk


38, 36

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